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a day in the life….

This is a day in the life of last weekend. We begin with some lovely locally made kefir, which is a lightly effervescent yogurt drink. It’s supposed to be good for you.

We then moved on to an omelette for lunch with local ricotta, tomatoes and pesto. A few hours go by filled with weekend shenanigans and then we commence again for dinner…

We have grilled matunuck oysters with chive butter, and a giant burger…..

Meet the spicy pork burger made with local ground pork, chiles and red onion. Accompanied by locally made queso fresco and our own homemade pickles! Delicious.

This was actually the final meal for the latest edition of the local eating challenge we take part in. Everything has to be local except for things like oils and vinegars. Oddly enough we’re burgering again tonight as it’s beautiful and we have got to take advantage of this weather while we still have it!!


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