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Buenos Dias y Bienvenido

I have a passion for cooking and for food and there’s nothing I like more than the ability to share that with other people.  Since it’s a little hard to physically get the food to a lot of people without some sort of restaurant vehicle I will settle for this venue.

At the end of a day when most people dread coming home and making dinner, that is exactly what relieves my stress.  To be able to focus on something that has nothing to do with my current occupation does wonders for me, it clears my head and puts me at ease.  Food doesn’t call out sick, talk back, it isn’t condescending, stuck up or bitchy.  Food is what you make it.  You are in control of it, for the most part anyway.

We consist of myself, Liz, and Nathan.  I take the role of menu planner and chef de cuisine whereas Nathan falls into the role of sous chef, “meat man” (due to his innate ability to know right when meat is cooked perfectly) and more often than not, dishwasher.

I try and use primarily local fresh ingredients, however am not a purist by any means.  There are weeks that due to budgetary constraints and availability I must buy mass produced product, so it goes.  My first concern is making good, relatively healthy food.  So we’ll see what this brings us all.

It’s Friday and I have the day off due to the holiday tomorrow, so I will be planning next week’s menu, grocery shopping and maybe strawberry picking.



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