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Green Tomato Madness!!

So after winning the pickle contest at the Pawtucket Wintertime Farmer’s market I found myself at Pippen Orchard to pick up some apples.  I thought it would be nice to share with them that I had won with cukes I had picked up from them.  Ray (the owner) was very excited, yet disappointed I had neglected to bring some of the award winning pickles.  I promised to bring a jar the next time I came out to get apples.  Our discussion of pickles brought us to his surplus of green tomatoes.  He asked if I had ever made green tomato relish.  I had never been in a position of having that many green tomatoes that I could can them.  Though I would be happy to oblige if he had any.

Long story short, I became the proud recipient of 20lbs. of green tomatoes.  I mean who am I to refuse free produce?  This last weekend became the weekend of the green tomato.

I began with my trusty Ball canning and preserving book and perused the handful of green tomato recipes.  I settled on a salsa verde, dill pickled tomatoes and a green tomato sweet hot dog relish (per Ray’s request).  Day one was salsa and pickled.  Apparently the relish must be salted over night to draw out a lot of the liquid.

Pre-brining the green tomatoes were really pretty.  I haven’t tried them yet and am not sure what I’m going to do with all of this stuff, but I have all winter to figure something out.

At the end of it all I came out with 6 jars of Dill Pickled Tomatoes, 3 1/2 Pints of Salsa Verde and 12 half pints of relish.  I don’t even like relish.


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I’m not a writer, I’m not a photographer but I do like to cook good food and try to take pictures of it and share it with people for whatever reason. I know that in real life seeing good food sometimes inspires others to make it themselves. I guess that’s what I want to do here, showcase some of the great creations that come out of our kitchen.

We try to have a local based food repertoire whenever we can, however with the fall/winter fast approaching that always gets to be increasingly difficult. Thus I’ve found a new obsession with canning things. So far it’s just been pickles and jam. In fact as I sit here I am supposed to be making brine for today’s pickle batch, I should also put away yesterday’s jam production. 14 more pints of peach jam, to add to the other 8 jars I have. Plus based on this post I bought some plums and must also tend to them. Canning doesn’t ever seem like it should take all day, yet somehow it always does. Just think how nice it’ll be to have fresh white peach jam in February though.

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