who we are

A few years back we decided that cooking good food was a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable than eating frozen pizzas and ramen noodles.  Since then we’ve kind of spiraled out of control.  There is nary a day that goes by without a from scratch meal.  Unless of course you count leftovers.  I get made fun of for making everything complicated.  I can’t just have a sandwich, it must have 40,000 steps to it.  Nathan got into cycling, became super healthy and has become an avid label reader thus making it virtually impossible to bring any crappy food into the house, no matter how I try.  Not that I bring home Big Macs or anything, it’s just that sometimes a girl needs some butter and sugar and salty snacks.

We then progressed from just eating better to eating more local.  Luckily the farmer’s market boom was happening at the same time making it super easy to indulge.  I also expanded my own backyard growing habits from a tomato plant or two.  I grew my container garden to probably 12 5 gallon buckets, 10 window boxes, a 3×3 “basil box”, and an inground herb garden, all technically in my neighbor’s yard.  Then came the community garden plot.  Then we moved and got a yard and great new neighbors (and landlord).  No more need for the buckets I got my very own raised bed, a new herb garden complete with transplants from the old apartment and I kept the community garden plot.  So now we produce quite a bit of our own produce, which is good except that I feel guilty about not buying from the farmers market.  I think I’ll get over it one day.  I’ve now moved on to food preservation as well in the form of canning. I have a lot of pickles around this year.

I guess I see this as some sort of vehicle for showcasing our work, be it growth or production or preservation.  Enjoy!

-Liz and Nathan


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