Friday morning found me standing at Salisbury Farm toying with the idea of strawberry picking.  However due to the extensive rain we’ve been having I wasn’t quite sure I really wanted to venture out into the fields to pick through the surely rotten strawberries, no matter how much cheaper they were.  I also had Owen watching responsibilities and wasn’t sure if the dog wanted to sit in the car for an hour or more while I wandered in spider infested strawberry fields.  Ultimately I opted for the easy way out and bought 4 quarts that someone else labored for.

This would be my first venture into the making of jam.  It consisted of a good hour or so of hulling, smashing and cooking 3 quarts of strawberries to make 8 cups total.  I got eleven 8oz. jars out of it all.  I’m hoping that my water canning will hold up so that in december I can still open up a jar of July strawberries sweetened with nothing more than a bit of honey.

I have big plans for the raspberries, blueberries and peaches yet to come!!


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